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Blogmas Day 1 | Festive Feels

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πŸŽ„ Festive Feels πŸŽ„

Well it's the 1st December and you know what means folks? It's basically Christmas! OK I know it's not really Christmas, but it means I have permission to go full pelt into the spirit of the season. I'm Stepping into Christmas if you will. Cheers Elton! So I thought I'd start off Blogmas with the ways I like to get into the Festive mood, especially as I found myself googling  'when is the Radio Times Christmas 2017 published?'. No shame in my Christmas game, it's 6th December by the way. You're welcome.


The Mariah Alarm 

The best way to wake up every morning, hearing the uplifting opening of 'IIIIII don't...want...a lot...fooor...Christmas...', how can it not be a good day after that? Trust me, set your alarm to Mariah and you won't regret it. I do find Wham works well too if you get to day 12 and wonder what you saw in Mariah in the first place. FYI I have children, I don't need an alarm but Mariah puts me in a better mood. True story. 


Enjoying mulled everything

I never used to like it, but now it's become a tradition to take a flask of mulled wine to fireworks on November 5th and get the season started. Everyone who's into Christmas knows it all starts November 6th.


This little piggy went to market

...and ate all the Christmasy tasters whilst drinking mulled cider (see above). Nothing like walking around a freezing cold Christmas market. Taking your gloves on and off in order try some festive cheeses, pickles and fudge that you don't intend on buying has JOY written all over it. My husband is pro at this one!


If you bump into me walking around town or perhaps in the gym, you might think I'm listening to some good tunes on my headphones. Well, yes I am, but we're talking classic Christmas tunes, and probably have been since the beginning of November (October).


A Christmas Movie

This is an obvious one but there's nothing like grabbing that tin of Quality Street, (or Roses if you're that team) you promised you'd save until Christmas and cosying up with a classic. For me there are those that are fair game anytime leading up to the event - I'm talking Elf, Home Alone, Love Actually. But there are those that are sacred until nearer the big day, A Wonderful Life would definitely be one of those.

So how do you get into the festive mood? Leave your comments below and let's get ridiculously over-the-top excited together. If getting crafty is your thing then come back tomorrow for some homemade decoration inspo.