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Blogmas Day 10 | HAMPERS

Build your own Christmas hamper.

I love making hampers for friends and family, it's just the perfect way to cover all bases and contrary to popular belief it doesn't have to be all about food. Hampers are popular at Christmas but can be very expensive, making your own is a great way to stick to a budget and you can really tailor it to the recipients by making the gifts more personal.

Where do I start?

I always find following a loose theme helps me get started and then I usually go off on a tangent so it becomes a collection of thoughtful things rather than forcing all the gifts to fit the theme. For this example I will show a hamper idea for a couple and go with the theme 'date night'.

Basket or Box?

Think about your budget and how much you have to spend on the gift as a whole. You can easily make a nice hamper for £20 so buying a giant basket that costs £15 doesn't leave much to spend on gifts to fill it! You can often pick up lovely second hand baskets fairly cheap from charity shops but Paperchase do lovely large gift boxes from around £5 which you could line with lovely tissue paper. Don't be afraid to buy the cheapest, plainest box though because you can make them very pretty with clippings of Christmas tree or festive ribbon. Sometimes less is more! Here are my picks: 

The Basket Company

This really is what you think of when you hear 'hamper' but it doesn't have to be this extravagent. Classic Wicker Storage Trunk - Hamper Basket £12.50


Brown, or 'Kraft' as it's known to avid crafty folk like myself, is definitely not boring. It's a blank canvas so get creative!


A large box can work just as well as a basket, bearing in mind that whoever receives it will be focused on the lovely things you've put inside. Large Kraft gift box £4.50

What do I fill it with?

As I said before a hamper, gift box or even gift bag doesn't have to be all about food, but it can be a little bit about food (shouldn't everything be a little bit about food?) So if we continue with my theme of 'Date Night' then here are some of my little ideas on how to fill your box.


If you've got more of a flexible budget for your hamper then these reusable cloth napkins from Lakeland are gorgeous for a date night and christmases to come. Festive linen - look holly napkins (pack of 4) £16.99

M&S Simply Food

At the higher end of the high street scale we have this Monticella Prosecco Superiore DOCG from M&S at £16.00 a bottle. 


Napkins will make date night a little more romantic than just grabbing a bit of kitchen roll for dinner. may as well make them festive while we're at it!

Bubbly is a must surely? With smaller boxes use cellophane with lots of ribbon to keep everything together and place the lid underneath so it can be reused as a box later.

John Lewis

If you are trying to stick to a smaller budget these napkins are really cute from John Lewis. Christmas Robin Napkins £3.00


If you are on a tighter budget you could try this award winning Prosecco from Lidl at only £5.79

I try to avoid fresh food, as it's so tricky to include when it needs refrigerating. So this hamper is catering for all the elements surrounding dinner and an evening as a whole.

Hotel Chocolat

This is a perfect date night treat for a pricier hamper. It's chocolate fondue with all you could need for an after dinner romantic dessert - but fun too! Mini Chocolate Dipping Adventure for Two, Hotel Chocolat £20


A classic and who doesn't love a game of Scrabble at Christmas time? £39.99 on Amazon.


An after dinner chocolate treat would be gratefully received I'm sure and both these options are delicious.

Where would a festive night in be without a good game to play? Here we have two classics but for two very different budgets.

Green & Blacks

Just because you are on a budget doesn't have to mean bad chocolate. This luxurious Green & Blacks organic 70% dark chocolate bar is only £2.00 at Waitrose. 


Another classic but a lot cheaper, it allows up to 10 players to so that's Christmas sorted with all the family. £7.65 on Amazon.

A good night in deserves a good movie, check out my top Christmas films for ideas to include in your date night hamper. If you've got room for one more gift then why not include some good old popcorn and these brilliant popcorn holders below! 

Joe & Steph's

This is the ultimate luxury popcorn - Gin and Tonic? Yummy. £3.00 from Waitrose.



Plastic popcorn holders for date nights and movie nights throughout the year - very cute! £1.95 from dotcomgiftshop.


This popcorn is still yummy and if you haven't had sweet and salted you are missing out. The perfect movie night addition. £1.50 from Waitrose.

So there you have it, the makings of a pretty lovely hamper. You could extend on this quite a bit and take it from 'date night' to 'family night in' or wherever your search takes you, but a hamper can be made on any budget you just have to look around for cheaper options that still say 'treat'. Whoever receives your hamper will be happy about the thought behind each and every gift. 

🎁 Happy Hampers!🎁