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Blogmas Day 14 | STOCKINGS

Stocking Fillers 

Stockings for children are easy, besides Father Christmas has that covered...but, if like our family you are still making stockings for your loved ones when they are in their 20's, 30's and beyond, then often it's hard not to panic buy lots of rubbish to fill the stocking with. I am not one for buying things for the sake of it, I like to try and counteract the crazy world of consumption we live in by buying purposeful gifts. I buy things with people in mind which means every gift I buy has thought behind it. So today I've compiled a few ideas to help fill your stocking with useful gifts that will actually be used or enjoyed. 



Everyone needs toiletries! You may laugh but I actually love getting the basics, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash and shower gel it saves me buying them for a while. If they are slightly more luxurious than normal then all the better because that's not something we tend to spend money on regularly, it's usually just dumped in our trolley in the supermarket, right? 



Always a win! For my husband's birthday the children filled a jar of sweets and then we labelled it 'To Daddy, there's no-one sweeter than you' such a simple gift to include and cute. It's easily personalised, just fill it with their favourite sweet treats so they have a supply to have on their desk at work or stored at home.



I mean socks are a given, but if anyone else buys my husband socks I may have to move out - SOCK OVERKILL. If you think buying clothes for someone else is too much of a personal decision then why not go festive. You could get a pair of Christmas pyjamas or a Christmas jumper that they'll enjoy for years to come, both are items that don't have to be taken seriously. 



Well I still collect CDs because digital is just so cold to me. But if the one's you love are all for digital then you could still buy an iTunes voucher, as much as it pains me to advise this, not everyone loves a CD anymore! *sobs*



This probably brings up more digital issues, but a festive DVD or film they've always wanted to see is a great filler. As people aren't as old school as me nowadays, and DVDs are dipping in popularity, you can pick one up pretty cheaply.



Who doesn't love a puzzle or game at Christmas, especially in the slow afternoon when you're immobile due to overindulging. This can be anything from monopoly to a puzzle compendium magazine. Think Rubiks cube or travel scrabble too for fitting into the stocking. 



I will be the first to admit that buying a novel for someone else is extremely hard, even when you know them very well you don't always know if they'll enjoy a book. However you can buy books on ANYTHING so think about what they like to do in their spare time, or something they've always wanted to do and get them a book so they can read all about it. Have they got a holiday booked next year, or was there somewhere they went this year that left an impact on them? Wallpaper City guides are beautiful and a great thing to collect.



How about a little voucher with money towards a dinner out, cinema or their favourite shop to hit the sales after Christmas. It might only be £10 but it's £10 less that they'll have to spend. 


Finishing touches...

When I was little there always used to be a clementine at the bottom of my stocking, along with a bag of chocolate coins obviously! Nowadays the clementine has been upgraded to a Terry's Chocolate Orange, natural progression. The smell of Clementines still remind me of Christmas morning to this day. It's often the little things that go the furthest in your memory.