My Christmas Traditions

There is nothing I love more than reminiscing about Christmas of years gone by and discussing all the traditions that have come about and how they started. What I love even more, is hearing all about the traditions of other families and seeing how they celebrate. So I guess what I'm hoping is that after this post people will share their lovely traditions with me. But for now, here are some of our family traditions from Christmas time over the years.


Christmas Eve

We don't put the gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve. This was always the tradition growing up in our house and we would place any gifts marked for ourselves underneath while giving them a squidge.

In our house now we can't have any gifts under the tree, mainly because our 1 year old would destroy them, but even so this tradition will be kept for our tiddlers.  If my sisters and I are together then we tend to watch the film Hook before going to bed, I have absolutely no idea how this came about but it's a pretty cool tradition. Bangerang!



Christmas Morning

I remember painfully waiting for my mum to come downstairs and make a cup of tea before we were even allowed to take a single gift out of our stockings. I get it, I'm slow getting started in the mornings now I'm a parent and I definitely need caffeine! As we got older we would start the day with a Bucks Fizz and maybe a croissant.

We were only allowed our stockings in the morning, this is something some people cannot comprehend but we HAD to wait for all other gifts until after dinner. We were sometimes allowed one other gift which growing up was usually our outfit to wear for the day. We then proceed to eat our entire selection box in front of any films found in our stockings or a Christmas film if there was one on TV. Then it's time to get dressed up for the rest of the day and it was always something smart.






Is usually around 2pm, not always Turkey but the usual trimmings and most definitely a cracker. I'm not a lover of Christmas desserts so my Christmas go to is Tiramisu - an absolute favourite and one I tend to only eat at Christmas or if I'm actually in Italy. Then I married a man who is half Italian so I guess it was meant to be!

We then open all our other gifts from each other after the last scrap of dinner is cleared away and washing up is done, this was agonising as a child but I still wouldn't have had it any other way. It made us savour every second of the day and stopped us from opening it all in a few minutes flat. This is a tradition that's definitely sticking in our house. 


Giving of gifts

Growing up the youngest person was the one to hand out all the gifts. We would all sit around the room and have gifts delivered onto our lap or by our feet. Once everyone had all their gifts we were then FINALLY free to open them. I always remember the adults pausing and watching everyone else's faces as they opened their gifts. That's something I will never forget and definitely find myself doing now I'm a parent and in a position to buy lovely gifts for others.


Boxing Day

This is by far my favourite day. I love the food on Boxing day because it's cold meats, cheeses and pickles and it's a much more chilled out vibe. We also have an age old family tradition which possibly goes further back than my Grandparents, where by we all buy small gifts for everyone around a £5 limit and they sit IN the tree. These are aptly named 'Tree Presents' and it's just such a lovely fun little tradition. The same rules apply though and you cannot open a single gift until after dinner - and no squidging.

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