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Blogmas Day 18 | CHRISTMAS SONGS

My Favourite Christmas Songs

There is nothing that gets me in the festive spirit like a good Christmasy song or carol.. I pretty much love all Christmas songs and all of them hold special memories for me, but these listed here are extra special. Going to a carol concert or evening at church is a highlight of the season for me.


This classic reminds me of being a little girl and having the best Christmas and New Years Eve celebrating with  people from my close and extended family. Being that my dad is from a large Irish family  it makes sense that this one is so special to me. 


This has to be the most popular Christmas song doesn't it? I absolutely love it and when I hear it, it really makes the start of the season for me. I have to admit though that by Christmas Day I've heard it enough and I'm ready to pack it away for next year. 


This is another nostalgic one for me. It strangely reminds me of putting decorations on the tree, and my teenage years. It's definitely a party song and I can't help but do some immense shoulder dancing if it comes on in the car. 


I actually did Spanish at University so perhaps this is a little nod to that, but I also have quite a few Spanish friends so I love hearing this one at Christmas. I like that it's a little break from the norm. 


This is without a doubt my favourite Christmas Carol. It embodies the true message of Christmas and no matter how many times I hear it, it always gives me goosebumps. This version by Kings College is stunning. 

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