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Blogmas Day 19 | CHRISTMAS EVE 

In some countries and cultures there are traditions that centre around Christmas Eve. In some countries like Germany, it is the day that the Christmas Tree and any greenery such as Mistletoe or Holly is brought into the house and it isn't to be brought in before that. It's not a day that is celebrated as much here in the UK but in our family it definitely marks the beginning of the celebrations. Here are a few of my Christmas Eve traditions over the years.

  • The Younger Years - My Christmas Eve would be spent at home, watching a Christmas film and putting all the presents under the tree and having one cheeky squeeze of each present. I would then put out all the mince pies for Father Christmas and carrots for the reindeer of course. I'd probably be too excited to sleep and wake up every hour until I tried waking my family at 5am...I never got away with that.
  • The Teenage Years - This would definitely still involve the tradition of present placing, however it definitely became something of a tradition to go out celebrating with my friends. I was usually back from University or finishing work for a few days so I was ready to let my hair down. My mum wasn't a fan of this time period - especially the Christmas Day hangovers...sorry mum.
  • With My Husband - Before Children ruled the roost over here, we really enjoyed going out for a meal together on Christmas Eve. It was a really lovely chilled out evening and the tradition started because this is precisely what we did after we got engaged on Christmas Eve 2011.
  • With Our Children - We're still working out traditions with the Children, mainly because we are usually spending Christmas Eve in a different place with different family members every year. But I like to give them a new Christmasy book to read at bedtime with some new cosy pyjamas, along with all the things I used to do when I was little - getting ready for Christmasy visitors in the night. 

🎄What's your Christmas Eve like?🎄