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Blogmas Day 2 | Crafty Christmas

Crafty Christmas:

A Christmas Tree Wall Hanging


Check out this little clip of my son and I (just me) making the tree.

This year we really wanted to have more natural and homemade decorations. I love a good craft so I decided to enter the rabbit hole of Pinterest and get some inspiration. I'll be sharing some of the other decorations I've made this year, but today I'll be showing you how my son and I (mainly me.....pretty much all me) made a Christmas Tree wall hanging. My son loved going on an adventure to the woods and choosing all the things we needed to make this.


  • The straightest sticks you can find.
  • Pine Cone
  • Twine
  • Bells and Bows for decoration - we added a little metal Angel I found in my craft box.


  • Glue gun (exciting!)
  • Scissors
  • Branch pruners or pliers to cut your sticks to size.



First cut all your wood down to size, you don't have to make a small hanging like I have you could make a huge one and decorate it with lights!

When you have staggered sizes, take your twine and wrap it securely around both ends of the longest stick. Once the twine is to the back and you are happy you have wound it round a good amount of times secure it in place with the glue gun - the fun part! Obviously this step is JUST FOR ADULTS, even I shouldn't really be allowed to do this as I burnt myself several times...

Repeat this process adding in a new stick each time until you have your staggered 'tree - like' shape, but setting aside the top 'branch. I left about an inch to an inch and a half between each row.

Glue your pine cone to the final stick and once dried attach it to the rest of the hanging as before. I then used some ribbon, attaching it in the same way I had the twine to create the hanging but you could use more twine or even curling ribbon from your wrapping supplies!

My son chose the decorations, so I attached the bells to the end of each branch with a short length of twine, tying it round the back and holding it with a very small amount of glue. I did the same with our angel and tied it around the pine cone tightly. He then wanted to add some bows so I used glue dots this time and let him add those himself - so I guess he did do something!


 Finished Tree!

Finished Tree!

🎄Happy Crafting🎄