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Alternative Christmas Cake

I'm not a fan of the classic Christmas treats, the fruity Mince Pies, Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding are not my thing. So every year I make a Guinness Cake for my Dad which has become a festive favourite.


The cake is dark and very moist with a white fluffy cream cheese topping, so looks precisely like a frothy pint of blakc gold. The recipe does involve a small amount of Guinness but mixed with Cocoa and butter it makes for a dark chocolatey sponge. I use Nigella Lawson's recipe however I do add my own little twist just to make it a little more festive and that bit more indulgent. 

For the topping, Nigella suggests using double cream but I substitute this with Bailey's Extra Thick Cream which is available at Christmas from Tesco as well as some other supermarkets, I'm sure. I love using this because it adds a little alcoholic kick and stays in keeping with the Gaelic theme. 

I wholly recommend this cake if you love a chocolate cake and especially if your partial to a bit of Bailey's at Christmas. I'm off to have a slice.