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Blogmas Day 5 | Christmas Movies

My top 5 Christmas Movies


5. Arthur Christmas

This has to be the best children's film to watch at Christmas. We love it in our house. 

Santa's son, Arthur goes on a mission with his grandfather to deliver a misplaced gift in less than 2 hours. 


4. Home Alone

Well it's a classic isn't it? The music from Home Alone definitely gets me into the festive mood and sparks up the nostalgia. 

Kevin is a cheeky, mischievious 8 year old who protects his house from burglars when he is accidentaly left at home alone during the Christmas Holidays.


3. Love Actually

You can't really go wrong with Richard Curtis, he ticks all the romantic comedy boxes and Love Actually is no exception - with a sprinkling of Christmasy sweetness that's probably a bit sickly but we'll let it slide, I mean, it's Christmas.

Several lives interwine with the focus being on all different kinds of love in the lives of ordinary people and their families. 


2. The Family Man

This used to be my favourite Christmas movie, and probably in my top ten favourite movies in general. 

A high powered investment banker is given the opportunity to see what his life would have been like had he married his college girlfriend and learn how the other half live. He wakes up to find his penthouse swapped for a wife and two kids.


1. It's A Wonderful Life

This took the top spot the day I watched it. It took me far too many years to watch it and I knew so many quotes from this film before I'd even seen it. It is a story that truly captures what is important in life and how we reflect on all these things at Christmas.

An angel is sent to show a downtrodden business man what his life would be like if he didn't exist.


🎅🏻 Time for a movie night 🎅🏻