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Blogmas Day 6 | CHARITY GIFT

A gift for those who have everything.

We all have those family members or loved ones who are particularly difficult to buy for. They have all they need or don't really want any more 'stuff'. So perhaps there is a way of giving a really meaningful gift that will have an impact far greater than making your Granny smile on Christmas Day. 

I think more of us should consider giving back at Christmas, whether that's completely swapping out what you would spend on someone's gift and using it for good, or taking 10% of your budget and setting it aside to help those less fortunate this festive season. 

Last year I took a look into a lot of different gifts you can give through charities and I thought I would share them here with you all for Blogmas. There are popular traditions that some familes now take on, particularly if they have young children, like filling a shoebox or collecting a reverse advent calendar to hand in to their local foodbank

Gifts you can give:

Gifts range from 'A Bog in a Bag' for £10 which provides cement for a toilet base, to hand washing facilities for a whole school at £160. There is a gift for every budget and every gift will change lives.

One of my favourite gifts to give from Save the Children is the 'Birth Kit for a Midwife' and it only costs £12! There are gifts you can buy that are even cheaper that range from toys to winter clothes. But if you have a little more you can give then perhaps you could buy a couple of goats for a family or even pay for a child to go to school. How incredible.

It is safe to say that all of our lives have been touched by cancer in some way, so this could be a really touching gift for someone you love. Gifts start from £5 which will provide 14 Cancer guides that can be distributed to those recently diagnosed. If you're looking to give quite a bit more then you could even fund a Macmillan nurse for someone for half a day. 

Refuge offers a slightly different approach to giving at Christmas. They have been running the 'Gift List Appeal' for several years which allows you to select as many items as you like from their pre determined list, in order to gift to women or children, or both! Gifts start from £5 for a pair of gloves.

Oxfam does incredible work and their gifts give the opportunity to really make a difference. For as little as £8 you could feed a family, and for £26 you could support a refugee with 'access to clean water, hygiene supplies, winter clothes, food and shelter – so they can focus on rebuilding their lives.'

Other things you can do to help this Christmas:

  • The 1 Million Minutes Campaign - ITV are running their annual, award-winning, campaign to encourage all of us to give just a little of our time to make a difference in the lives of those who are lonely this Christmas. I think this is such a wonderful thing to promote and time is free but can have such a huge impact on someone who doesn't see anyone day in day out. 
  • Help at a local homeless shelter - Many towns will put on a Christmas meal for the homeless or for those alone at Christmas time. This is a great way to give back if you can spare your morning before tucking into your own lunch at home.
  • Use up those end of year coupons - You know that final haul of supermarket vouchers you get in the post around November time? How about taking them to the supermarket and buying some essential items that would help a family in need. You could either give it to a family you know or donate to your local food bank or perhaps a women's refuge.

🎄Let's give beyond our family 🎄