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Mini Orange Peel Garland

I thought it was high time for another Christmas craft, if you missed my previous blogmas craft you can find it here. So today I'll show you how you can make a teeny tiny garland that is made from Orange peel, it smells scrumptious.


  • Orange Peel - Easy Peelers works best as their skins are thin.
  • Paper Punches - readily available at craft shops and online.
  • Fine cotton or string.
  • Very small sewing needle.
afterlight 8.jpeg


  • First you will need to dry out your peel. I found the best way to do this was to just leave peel for a few days at room temperature but if you are in a rush then you could do this on a low temperature in an oven.
  • Once your peel is dried and smelling delicious you will need to punch out your shapes using your paper punch. This is where you will find having thin peel is essential! It's fiddly but I promise it is worth it.
  • This next bit is very fiddly but the result is too cute to give up now! You will need to use the needle and thread to create your tiny garland.
  • You can make one long garland, or small ones that bridge the gap in your tree where there are not many decorations, this works just as well - see photo below.
afterlight 7.jpeg

๐ŸŽ„Happy crafting๐ŸŽ„